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Specializing in Utility and Industrial Commercial Electrical Engineering
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Engineering Services

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       Engineering Services

  1. System Studies
    1. System Summary
    2. Intermediate and Long Term Planning
    3. Cost Estimates for Proposals
    4. Coordination Studies
    5. Arc Flash Studies

  2. Engineering Design or Turn Key Projects
    1. Distribution (Overhead and Underground) Line Design and Staking
    2. Transmission ( Overhead and Underground) Line Design and Staking
    3. Substation Site, Design and Turn Key Completion
    4. Relay Settings and Relay Schemes, Electromechanical and Microprocessor Based
    5. Scada Specifications, Project Management and Drawing Preparation
    6. Telephone Systems (Outage, IVR, Specifications)
    7. Automated Meter Reading, Outage Reporting
    8. State Highway Relocation Projects
    9. Electrical Distribution System Automation
    10. State Highway Lighting Design
    11. Street Lighting and Athletic Field Lighting design

  3. Planning Services
    1. Power Restoration Planning
    2. System Contingency Evaluation
    3. After Hours Procedures
    4. Claims Procedures
    5. Material Analysis
    6. Work Order Specifications

  4. Safety
    1. Procedures and Recommendations
    2. Code Interpretations
    3. Training

  5. Disaster Assistance
    1. Line Patrolling
    2. Line Construction
    3. Substation Evaluation
    4. Switching Procedures and System Evaluation

  6. Other Services
    1. Power Quality Analysis
    2. Power Factor Correction Analysis
    3. Computer Mapping and Drawing conversions
    4. Evaluation of System Problems or Troubleshooting (line reliability, lightning, neutral currents

  7. Training
    1. Dispatching Procedures (Scada Operation, Caution and Hold Procedures)
    2. Substation Operation and Manuals
    3. Line Staking and Pole Line Design
    4. Engineering Analysis Procedures
    5. Relay Settings, Electro-Mechanical and Microprocessor Based

       Commercial & Industrial Services

  1. Plant Expansions and Startups
    1. Electrical Load Analysis and Equipment Sizing & Coordination
    2. Utility Contacts and Coordination
    3. Substation and Generation Design
    4. Distribution and Transmission Underground and Overhead Design

  2. General Electrical Engineering
    1. Arc Flash Studies
    2. Plans and Prints of Existing and Future Systems
    3. Operating Procedural Manuals
    4. Troubleshooting of Control Systems and Manufacturing Processes
    5. Power Quality Evaluation
    6. Capacitor Sizing and Specifications for Power Factor Correction

  3. Planning
    1. Power System Planning for Improved Reliability and Growth
    2. Contingency Planning for Mission Critical Equipment Failures
    3. Electrical Contract Evaluations and Power Supplier Evaluations
    4. Demand Side Management and Energy Usage Evaluation

  4. Other Services
    1. Scada
    2. Automated Transfer Switches, Redundant Power Systems
    3. Backup Generators and UPS Systems
    4. Staff Augmentation
    5. Safety Training, Evaluation, Procedures and Recommendations
    6. Code Interpretations
    7. 24-Hour Emergency Assistance and Disaster Recovery Assistance



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